Bold Texters Terms & Conditions

All the terms and conditions applicable to users of this website are mentioned here. Being our client and/or a potential client you must be aware of.  These terms can be amended as and whenever required under a legal obligation or otherwise. Therefore, your periodic visit to this page is requested.

Users Activities

We tried making available all the information, generally required by the clients, regarding our services. For clarification and further details, our contact details are also available.

All the users are strictly prohibited from copying or amending the website content, unlawful access to change technicalities from the back-end, using it for their own commercial benefit, and any other similar unlawful act. We do reserve the right to take legal action, in case of any violation.


Clients are required to make the payment, as per terms of their respective contracts, through lawful channels within the agreed time. As a general practice, we prefer full or partial payment in advance.

Applicable Laws

We are registered in and operating from Delhi, India. Users are expected not to violate applicable relevant laws/regulations while using it from India. Users from other countries should take care of their local and other applicable laws, in addition to these terms and conditions.


As a normal process, our service tracks visitors’ information/activity on our website by using cookies. It can be avoided through your browser settings if you wish so.


You may use our website and services at your sole risk. We will not accept any responsibility for damage caused due to its use.