Bold Texters Refund Policy

We have the policy to pay back money to customers if we fail to deliver the committed service. It is applicable to some services and subject to agreed terms and conditions

To avoid any dispute at a later stage, after the start of a project, we agree on the deliverables and timeline with our clients before initiating the project. All the terms and conditions are well documented and any ambiguity regarding the quality and timing of our services is addressed at this stage.

Refund of partial or full payment is not warranted once service is provided in a timely manner and it is duly acknowledged by the client without any objection.  

SEO Refund Policy

If the service is not delivered at the agreed time then the payment received, if any, for that service will be refunded. The only exception is a situation that is beyond our control and is intimated to the client before the delivery time.

Advertisement/PPC/SEM/Lead Generation

In case an objective agreed upon in the contract is not met completely, a partial refund will be made. The amount of partial refund will be proportionate to the objective set in the agreement versus the actual achievement. This refund will only be applicable to the payments received by Bold Texters. Payments to third parties, for their services for the project, will be excluded for working out the partial refund amount.