Bold Texters Privacy Policy

We believe that trust is the strongest bond for a long business relationship. This trust does include the safety and security of clients’ personal and business information. As per our privacy policy, all clients’ information and data are handled with extreme care and its security is ensured. Highlights of our privacy policy are:

Data Collection From Clients

We collect the data and information related to the customer that is essential for providing the agreed services. This includes:

  •  Names and contact details of the customer or a contact point at clients’ office
  •  Historical data to review and extract the customer’s strengths and achievement
  •   Details of the services and/or products offered by the customer
  •   Customer’s standing within the relevant industry and among its peers
  •  Any other data or details on a need-to-know basis

Usage of Data & Client’s Information

Information collected from the customer is strictly used for the purpose of providing the agreed services to the customer. It may include:

  • Advertising, branding and publicity of the products and services offered by the customer
  • Facts and figures related to standing of the customer and its associates in the market
  • Modes and contact details for availing customer’s products and services
  • Website and Social media accounts of the customer

Data Disclosure

Apart from the usage of data for providing the agreed services, data is only used or shared with a third party after getting permission from the customer or on an instruction from the customer. Two exceptions to this general rule are:

  • Compulsion of law i.e. where customer details are required to share under a legal requirement or on an order of the Court of law.
  • In case of a dispute with a customer, the data can be shared with an arbitrator or a court of law to assist them for a lawful decision.  

Data Retention

We see our relationship with every customer as a never-ending journey. Therefore, we keep our clients’ data to update them regarding our new services, share discount offers, greet them on different occasions, etc. This data helps us avoid data collection from scratch in case a customer wants to avail of our services at a later stage. In case a customer desires not to retain his information in our database, we always respect such requests.