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IVF Digital Marketing For Fertility Clinic

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I.V.F. (In vitro fertilization) helps a couple to build the family of their dreams. More than 48.5 million couples have used I.V.F. as a medium to have babies around the world.

In spite of that, there are still many potential patients who need your skills and treatments. However, they are not aware of these treatments and thus cannot reach you.

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To reach your potential patients at the right place and at the right time, You need to advertise. Not only offline advertising but using the strategies of digital marketing.

Offline marketing is an old method that is of no use in today’s technological world.

7 Best Digital Marketing Strategies For I.V.F. Centers

Here are 7 Digital Marketing Strategies which can help you in increasing your patient inquiries round the year.

1. Website For I.V.F. Centers

A website is like a visiting card to your online profession. It must contain all the essential information which can lead a viewer to convert to a patient just after viewing your content on your website.

You can also take the guidance of a Digital Marketing Healthcare Agency.

So following is the list of information that one must contain in order to get a conversion

  • Your Clinic’s Name
  • Your Degree
  • Your Achievements
  • Your Specialities in I.V.F.
  • Your Contact number
  • Your Location
  • Your Testimonials
  • Your Reviews
  • Book A Consultation Option

All this information will build a bridge between you and your patients to reach out and consult you. Thus an increase in your footfall.

2. SEO For I.V.F. Clinics

SEO helps you bring on the top 10 listing of  Google with the help of proper optimization of content with effective insertion of potential keywords when someone searches about you.

You can also use the facility of Local SEO, where when someone searches, “I.V.F. clinics near me” on Google.

A list of I.V.F. Clinics within 50 miles can be shown on the screen.

You must be on the top of that list. This can be done by Google My Business(G.M.B.) profile SEO where you have to give the following details like

  • Your Clinic’s Name
  • Your Contact number
  • Your address and location
  • Some of the Staff & Clinic Photos

After providing these above details, You can easily customize and also optimize your profile.

You can also give your website’s link to the G.M.B.


This will help your patients to reach you quickly and economically as it’s an ultimate source of getting patient inquiries for your clinic.

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3. YouTube Marketing For I.V.F. Hospitals

Youtube Marketing is one of the newest and best strategies of digital marketing.

One can easily join YouTube and start posting videos.

You can also join YouTube and Start posting videos about a common topic which you can explain according to your expertise like, “How to get a regular menstruation cycle”.

When someone has doubts or is suffering from this or a similar problem, You can ask them to comment on your video or directly contact you.

And like this, you got regular new patients.

4. Paid Ads For I.V.F. Center

Paid Ads can be of three types

  • Only text
  • Text + image
  • Video Ads

Mostly all the paid ads work on the principle of PPC (Pay Per Click) which means you have to pay after every click from the viewer.

Paid ads are the most proven way to start your digital marketing journey and increase patient footfall in a very less time. 

5. Social Media Marketing For I.V.F. Hospitals

Social Media Marketing can be done with two main methods

  • One with PPC
  •  Second by Posting

PPC (Pay Per Click) can be used to boost your ads so

that it reaches the maximum number of potential patients. In this type of Ad, you have to pay after every click.

Whereas in posting you have to pay no amount of money but in turn, it will take more time to reach people.

You can post an ad on a common problem like, “How to take a pregnancy test” and ask your viewers or potential patients to comment on your post if they have any queries. 

You can also ask them to consult you if the problem is serious Through this, you can reach your patients indirectly within professional boundaries.

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6. Influencer Marketing For I.V.F. Clinics

Influencer Marketing started in 1920 but it gained momentum in 2000.

This digital marketing involves getting a partnership with the social media influencer or celebrity to endorse your clinic’s or hospital’s image in front of their fans and followers to gain your trust.

More the trust you gain in the mind of potential patients, the more will be the chances of gaining patient inquiries.

7. Blogs For I.V.F. Centers

Last but not the least, Blogging proved to be a foolproof strategy of digital marketing to generate high-paying patient enquiries when someone put it to a test.

First blogging was only done to journal but now it can be used to build an audience.

Yes! You can also build your audience by just posting regular well SEO-optimized blogs on your expertise. 

You will have two advantages:-

  • You build trust in the back mind of the potential patients.
  • You create a positive image and built your IVF Clinic’s brand.


Remedies are present everywhere you just have to have the eye to find them. There is a solution to every problem. In 2018, a study shows that 50% of I.V.F. procedures resulted in a live birth.

Similarly, These digital marketing strategies are the solution to your problem of generating high-paying patient inquiries.

If these best digital marketing strategies are not the solution to the problem of getting more patient enquiries then what will be the solution, It is up to you.

Still facing doubts about utilizing digital marketing strategies, Book a Free 1 to 1 consultation with me.

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