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Healthcare Social Media Management Platforms

Using Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, and Instagram our team had generated more patient enquiries, and appointments for our healthcare clients with our advanced healthcare SMM services. After researching our team has listed down some platforms:


Facebook is one of the best platforms to connect with patients. Our team will generate high paying enquiries and appointments through content marketing, optimizing profile and interaction with patients through ads.


Twitter is a great platform to answer questions asked by patients and this will help you to build trust on your patients. Using Twitter ads you can reach more audiences in less time.


Youtube is a great content marketing channel. Most of our former healthcare clients have used YouTube ads to promote their hospitals, clinics, and treatments too.


Linkedin is a great platform for building brand value and personal branding. You can also connect with more high paying patients here.


Almost every healthcare brand has an Instagram page. To help our clients, build their brand recognition and personal brand, we use Instagram. If you want to promote anything you can use Instagram ads.

Clients Achieved With Our Healthcare SMM Services

Do you want to know how to generate more patient appointments and enquiries using social media for your medical clinic? 

Here are some of our previous healthcare clients’ best results. Please Check Below.

Talk To A Medical SMM Expert

Our team had generated the best results in terms of enquiries, and patient appointments for our healthcare clients. Speak with our medical SMM expert to know more about our strategic model.

Our Healthcare SMM Process

Using Our Healthcare SMM Process you can generate more patient enquiries and appointments. Our team has listed down our healthcare SMM process that will help you.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis


Competitor Analysis is one of the Best method to increase your enquiries. In this method you have to analyse competitor and by doing this improve your service.

Content Startegy

Content Strategy


Without Proper Content strategy you can't generate high paying patient enquiries and appointments using social media. So you need proper plan to increase your Enquiries.

Paid Growth

Paid Growth


Using social media marketing plan and Strategies you can generate high paying enquiries and increase your consultation fees. You can also build trust between your patients.




In healthcare Industry, Doctors think SMM process is very complicated process. Yes it is but with proper planning you can generate high paying enquiries and appointments.

Research &Testing

Research & Testing


Every top healthcare SMM Agency will recommend you to focus on Research and testing different campaigns. Because testing different Campaigns and strategies will help you to generate more enquiries.


Healthcare Social Media Management Tips

Educate Patient
healthcare (3)
Build Brand Value
Connect With Patients
Raise Awareness

HIPAA Friendly Medical Social Media Management


Don't violate all information about the patients like contact info, and photos.

Patient Case

We don’t recommend posting patient cases without their written Permission.


Our team will not respond to patients' comments who contain private information.



Don't forget to take permission from the patient before posting a photo or video.

To Whom We Serves

To Whom Our Healthcare SMM Services

With our unique medical SMM strategic plan, our team helps hospitals, clinics, and doctors to generate high paying patient enquiries and appointments, and also to build their brand too.

Specialty Clinics
healthcare (3)
Urgent Care Facilities

Why You Select Us For Healthcare SMM Services?

After years of research in the healthcare marketing industry. Here are reasons why you should select us for healthcare SMM service fast execution, increase brand recognition, enquiries, and patient appointments.

Check below some of the major benefits of using our healthcare SMM services:

Increase No. of Enquiries

Using our SMM strategies you can increase your Patient enquiries, and appointments.

Increase Brand Recognition

Using social media platforms, our staff will help you raise brand awareness and enquiries.

Last Guide Found For Healthcare Digital Marketing
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Dr. Roland Panasci
Dr. Roland Panasci
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In my city, nobody want to pay high consulting fees. I wanted to increase my fees but it seems impossible but his team solved my problem. Their team has experienced SMM Experts.
Dr. Matteo Veksler
Dr. Matteo Veksler
Read More
Amazing work experience with Mayank Arora. He solved my problem. The problem was I was not getting patient visits to my clinic. His team is very skilled and helpful.
Dr. Blake Buccino
Dr. Blake Buccino
Read More
I had created accounts on almost every social platform because I want to start taking online consultations. But I didn’t have an audience so I wanted to reach a target audience but I didn’t know anything about ads or how to reach to target audience. Then suddenly I discovered Bold texters plans I told them to run my campaigns. They generated the best results for my clinic. Thanks to Bold Texters.
Dr. August Ballard
Dr. August Ballard
Read More
I have a hospital in berlin. The problem that I was facing is losing patient retention. But thanks to google I was scrolling and found Bold texters website I explained my problem. Because of them, my problem was wiped out.

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