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What You Get After Connecting With Us?

  • 183%

    Increase No. of Enquiries

  • 150%

    Increase No of Appointments

  • 76%

    Reduce Your Patient Acquisition Cost

  • 168%

    Increase Your Profit Margin

  • 175%

    Increase No. of Patient Appointments

Mayank Arora

I Help and Make Ready Doctors and Clinic Owners to Kill the Headaches
of Generating More Patient Enquiries & Clinic Visits.

Our Healthcare SEO Services

Our medical SEO services are designed in such a way to generate maximum high paying patient enquiries for your clinic/hospital. After researching our team has listed some top SEO activities required in your healthcare website SEO.

Keyword Research & Strategy

After researching our team would like to tell you that 79% patients search online before booking an appointment or visiting clinic. Using SEO and keyword research tool you can rank your treatments on the first page of search engines so that you can generate more patient enquiries and appointments.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is part of SEO. In this method, you can generate results by optimizing your website pages including fixing 404 pages, managing plagiarism, managing website speed, managing cloaking and so on.

Local SEO

Local SEO presents your treatments or expertise to your target audience. Our team will generate patient enquiries, and appointments by personalizing your website, and patient experience.

On-Page SEO

By optimizing every component of your website such as loading speed, quality images, and SEO-friendly content, our healthcare experts will help you increase your patient enquiries and appointments.


Google my business is one of the important aspects of SEO where our team will help you to rank your treatments or services on google maps.

Conversion Rate Optimization

It is the process of increasing the percentage of patient enquiries and appointments from a website or app. Our team will optimize your website pages to generate results.

Clients Achieved With Our Medical SEO Services

Our team had generated high-paying patient enquiries and appointments for our former healthcare clients after years of research on healthcare SEO.

Talk To A Healthcare SEO Expert

Do you want to learn how to generate consistent patient enquiries and appointments using our SEO strategies? Book 1 to 1 call with our healthcare SEO expert to learn more.

Why is Healthcare SEO Important for your Clinic/Medical Practice?

To generate more patient enquiries and appointments, you have to do SEO on your website and GMB. Our team has listed a few benefits that after implementing SEO will comes to you.


Benefits of SEO for Healthcare/Medical Industry

Cost Effective
healthcare (3)
Low Risk
Increase No Of Patients
Higher ROI

Medical SEO Agency

In today’s world almost every patient has internet access but doctors are not adopting it. If you want to generate high-paying patient inquiries and appointments only online marketing can help you with this.

But doctors don’t have enough knowledge about online marketing so they lack. To solve this problem Bold Texters helps clinics, individual doctors, and hospitals to generate patient enquiries and appointments. Our healthcare SEO services will help you to solve your problem. 

Book a call with our healthcare SEO expert to learn how to generate high-paying patient enquiries and appointments within no time.

To Whom We Serves

To Whom Our Healthcare SEO Agency

Our staff has spent years perfecting how to drive high paying patient inquiries and appointments in medical industry with proven SEO practices, hence our medical SEO services are exclusively available only for hospitals, clinic owners, doctors or any other healthcare clients.

Specialty Clinics
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Urgent Care Facilities

Why You Select Us For Healthcare SEO?

There are so many healthcare SEO companies that are working in this industry so why do you select Bold Texters. Although we are not special, You always receive more than your expected results with our team, and You can also check some very important reasons for selecting our healthcare SEO services.

Check below for benefits of using our Healthcare SEO Services:

Increase no of Enquiries

You can get more patient inquiries and appointments by applying our SEO strategies.

Healthcare SEO Experts

Our healthcare SEO expert will help you to generate Patients enquiries and appointments.

Last Guide Found For Healthcare Digital Marketing
Want to learn How to generate high-paying patient enquiries and appointments using PPC Marketing. Download This Guide Now to avoid PPC Marketing mistakes.

Also Choose Us | If You Also Facing Problems Like These

After working with so many clients our team has listed down some problems that every doctor, clinic owner, and hospital is facing.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It
Dr. Ollie Safer
Dr. Ollie Safer
Read More
Online marketing was so complicated for me but I need to promote my treatments online. I approached bold texters to help me, to promote my treatments online.
Dr. Josue Melichar
Dr. Josue Melichar
Read More
Increasing patient appointments proved to be very challenging for me. I then approached Team Bold Texters and asked for their assistance they suggested SEO to solve my problem. Now because of them, my patient appointments increased by 200%. Thanks, Team bold texters.
Dr. Mariah Hosle
Dr. Mariah Hosle
Read More
The number of patients visiting my hospital was 10 per day. But only because of Mayank and his team my goal is achieved and now my clinic is generating 30 visits per day. Thanks to Mayank and his team.
Dr. Beau Blihovde
Dr. Beau Blihovde
Read More
Team bold texters generated the best results possible for my clinic. Their team is very skilled and experienced in the healthcare industry. Being able to work with Bold texters has been a pleasure. I am personally recommending you bold texters if you want to generate more enquiries and appointments.
Clear Your Doubts!!!


Check out the most common questions asked by our healthcare clients.

After researching our team would like to tell you that 79% patients search online before booking an appointment or visiting clinic. So there is huge scope to attract more patients online. By ranking on search engines, SEO can help you to generate more patient enquiries.

It depends on how highly competitive your specific industry or niche is. But in general, it takes between 2 – 4 months.

SEO is used to generate high paying patient enquiries and appointments in the healthcare industry. In the medical industry, doctors use SEO to promote their treatments on search engines to generate results because SEO is cost-effective and has a high ROI.

  1. An agency that has good knowledge about HIPAA. 
  2. Positive and genuine healthcare SEO client base.
  3. Experience in the healthcare industry.
  4. Good plan structure / Winning strategy.

We don’t, Sorry. All of the necessary services, including content generation, link building, strategy optimization, web design, development, and marketing are performed in-house by our team itself.

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