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    Increase Patient Overall Lifetime Value

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Healthcare PPC Services

Healthcare PPC is one of the best ways to generate lots of patient enquiries and appointments in no time. After researching our team has listed down some services.

Keyword Research & Strategy

Keyword research is a strategy for finding search terms that people are entering on search engines.

Ads Split Testing

Ad split testing is one of the most effective marketing techniques. It is a test where you have to test different ads campaign against each other.

Conversion Rate Optimization

It is the process of increasing the percentage of patient enquiries and appointments from a website or app.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is the method where our team generates high-paying enquiries and appointments using social media ad networks.

Google/Bing Ads Management

Google and bing are the most popular search engines. Using their Search ads we can help you to generate lot of patient enquiries, and appointments because of vast audience.

Landing Page Conversion

It is a page of your website that promote specific treatments, and courses. Good landing pages can generate more enquiries and appointments make sure your landing page must be highly converting.

Clients Achieved With Our Healthcare PPC Services

After years of research, our former healthcare clients had generated high-paying patient enquiries and appointments using our Healthcare PPC services.

Talk To A PPC Medical Marketing Expert

Want to know how to generate high paying patient enquiries and appointments with the help of medical PPC marketing? Book 1 to 1 call with our expert to know more about PPC marketing strategies.


Internet and Doctor-Patient Relationship, an Indian journal, found that 50.35% of patients used the internet to find medical information (as per survey).

Why Is Healthcare PPC Important To Generate High-Paying Patients Enquiries?

Using PPC marketing you can generate high paying patient enquiries. PPC is cost-effective because you only have to pay when the user visits your landing page or website.


Benefits Of Medical PPC Services

Cost Effective
healthcare (3)
Low Risk
Build Brand Value
Build Trust

PPC Advertising For Healthcare Industry

PPC (Pay per click) marketing is one of the leading method to generate more patient enquiries and solutions to every problem within no time in the healthcare industry. PPC healthcare marketing is more efficient and affordable than other methods because the advertiser has to pay when a user click because of that conversion rate is high.

Search engines like Bing and Google may display your advertisements. Our former clients also generated high-paying enquiries using PPC marketing in the healthcare industry. 

If you also want to learn how to generate patient inquiries and appointments book a call with our expert.

To Whom We Serves

To Whom Our Healthcare PPC Services

Our Healthcare PPC services are only for those who wants quick as well as highly converting patient enquiries in no time as our team had spent years in mastering how to generate high paying patient enquiries and appointments in healthcare industry.

Specialty Clinics
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Urgent Care Facilities

Why Choose PPC Marketing?

Using PPC Marketing you can generate patient enquiries and appointments in a very small period. You can use the organic way also but you’ll not be able to generate the same results as you will get from Paid Advertising. Our team has listed down some benefits of medical PPC Advertising.

You can also check below some major benefits of using our healthcare PPC services:

Reach to the Target Audience

Using Paid advertising you will be able to generate fast patient enquiries because of the target audience.


Increase Brand value

Audience will trust you more because you’re using Paid advertising and also you can build your brand value.

Last Guide Found For Healthcare Digital Marketing
Want to learn How to generate high-paying patient enquiries and appointments. Download This Guide Now to avoid PPC Marketing mistakes.

A/B Ad Testing - To Achieve Unexpectable

A/B Ads testing is a technique where you have to find out which ad campaign or landing page is working for you.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Dr. Otis Steele
Dr. Otis Steele
Read More
PPC is a great way to generate high paying patient enquiries and appointments. But I didn’t know anything about PPC. But Mayank helped me to generate results for my clinic. Thanks to Mayank.
Dr. Karter Soares
Dr. Karter Soares
Read More
Hii my name is Dr karter and I have a small hospital. I was struggling with low patient enquiries but someone recommends me to use PPC marketing to increase enquiries for my hospital but I don’t know much about PPC marketing so I approached Bold texters they helped me and now my hospital is generating 200% more enquiries.
Dr. Zane Skoog
Dr. Zane Skoog
Read More
I was having trouble with the high cost of patient acquisition. I pay a lot for offline advertising. therefore I decided to promote my clinic online. My patient acquisition cost was decreased because of Bold texters.
Dr. Luca Yeasted
Dr. Luca Yeasted
Read More
They had created a clear PPC plan and helped me to generate high paying patient enquiries and appointments for my clinic. Their team is very skilled and helpful.

In-Depth Research To Increase CRO

Increasing the percentage of patient inquiries and appointments made through a website or app is called CRO.


Clear Your Doubts!!!

Check out the most common questions asked by our healthcare clients.

Nearly 90% of healthcare-related inquiries are now conducted online, in this industry. Hospitals, medical offices, and providers of health information now have a new market to expand into thanks to the internet. Pay-per-click (PPC) healthcare advertising provides solutions to customer needs through clicks on search ads. Using Our Medical PPC Service you can also generate results for your clinic or hospital.

PPC marketing is used to generate high paying patient enquiries and appointments in the healthcare industry. In the healthcare industry, doctors use PPC to promote their Treatments and generate results because if you use PPC marketing your conversion rate is high, low risk, and Cost-effective.

A leading Medical PPC Agency will not work as a PPC agency alone it will sell more services related to PPC marketing like SMM, SMO and SEO. The most important quality of a PPC healthcare agency is to work from the perspective of a client as well as to identify the client’s actual problem and its solution.

  1. Do they have positive testimonials?
  2. Do they have a history of success?
  3. Are they certified in Google AdWords?
  4. Do they have any knowledge of Online marketing and SEO?
  5. Do you have total control over the ads campaign?
  6. Are the agency’s performance metrics open and transparent?

It depends on the target audience and your budget but roughly you can generate 1 to 100 leads per month through PPC campaigns. But with proper planning and strategies, you can increase this number.

You must speak with the digital marketing company you are consulting to learn more about the procedure. Every agency follows a different procedure.

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