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Best Digital Marketing For Oncologists

Digital Marketing For Oncologists

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Cancer is increasing and holding its grasp on many people these days.

Cancer is now considered one of the common ailments.

And its treatment, as you already know, is a very painful and depressing journey because of all the painful treatments (like Chemotherapy)for the patients and the Oncologists.

Angels like you help them make their treatment journey less painful.

But what is the use if they can’t reach you on time?

Those days are gone when offline marketing was the active part of the guaranteed patient count. 

But now, Online marketing is holding a heavy chance over these old-age strategies.

Because only 4.3% of people depend on offline advertisements (like newspapers, television, and hoardings), the rest are sitting online (such as Social media, Google, etc.).

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Feeling like you don’t have time and experience in digital marketing, the following are the strategies that you can use to bring a boost to your professional growth.

7 Best Digital Marketing Strategies For Oncologists

You may already use websites like Practo/Lybrate/Just Dial or other medical consultation websites.

Gaining patients through these sites is not profitable.

Just think about it. You spent 10 years studying and 5 years gaining your experience, and all they do is gather your patients and take away almost half of your fees. It is unjustifiable.

So you must know these digital marketing strategies to capture patient enquiries for yourself.

1. Personal Website As Oncologists

In today’s world, Even the smallest professional has their website. It is so common.

Your website must include:

  • Your Name
  • Your Professional Image
  • Your Education
  • Your Awards
  • Your Certificates
  • Your Degree
  • Your Address 
  • Your Contact Number
  • Contact Us Page
  • Book an Appointment button (So, That user can book an appointment directly with you.)

2. SEO For Oncologists

SEO means Search Engine Optimization.

It helps bring traffic to your website, and this traffic contains just the patients you want as an Oncologists.

You have to make the content reachable to the maximum number of people or your potential patients, which is well optimized per the Google guidelines.

You can now also take the help of Local SEO. It means you have to create a Google My Business profile. 

Here you have to enter the parameters of:

  • Your Profession 
  • Your Address
  • Your Location
  • Your Premises.

So next time someone searches ‘Oncologists near me,’ your name can appear on the top 3 or top 10 list so that, Patients can easily book an appointment with you.

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3. Social Media Marketing For Oncologists

You can post a text or a video on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Linkedin on a common topic such as ”What to eat to prevent cancer?”

This common topic will engage thousands of people or potential patients aware of cancer or suffering from cancer.

You can even ask them in the text or video to book a consultation with you or ask you in the comment if they have any doubt or are suffering from a similar medical condition.

You must post such content every day or every week to gain more patient enquiries.

4. Paid Ads For Oncologists

Do you already know that a doctor should not reach the patient directly as it looks unethical and unprofessional? So another source of reaching a patient is through paid ads.

The best platforms for paid ads are:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads 
  • Instagram Ads
  • YouTube Ads

Keep in mind that Google Ads & Facebook Ads can look professional, but your Instagram Ads can look trendy and interactive.

Google will post your ad on the top or in between, depending upon the price you pay for your Ad.

It’s up to the Ad payer which Ad they can take according to your budget.

5. Testimonial Marketing For Oncologists

Now you have created Google My business page.

After that, you have to get your reviews on that page.

If you have more reviews, there will be more chances of getting trusted patients. 

To get reviews from the patients, you can offer them some discount on their next consultation. 

Another point is getting video testimonials from your previous and upcoming patients.

You can use these Testimonial videos on your Youtube channel and your websites.

Having these testimonial videos builds trust in the back mind of the potential patients.

6. Quora For Anesthesiologist

Another perfect stop for attracting new patients is Quora.

You can easily give answers to the questions/queries in which you are specialized and get upvotes for your answer.

It is like shooting four birds with one shot:

  • Creates trust in the back of the reader’s mind.
  • Generate High-Paying Patients Enquiries.
  • Helps You To Increase Your Consultation Fees.
  • Build You as a Brand.

7.  Email Campaigns For Anesthesiologist

You can also use email campaigns to make the reader aware of the skills and treatment you provide.

You can ask your team to collect and make a list of your trusted and good patients,

And make them aware of the new devices or treatment you can provide them.

You can also start writing newsletters about various topics you are specialized in.

You can easily automate this marketing campaign with the help of a healthcare digital marketing specialist.


In the end, you have to take out time and bring some expertise in digital marketing as an Oncologist.

You can use this article as a stepping stone to gaining patients through Oncologists related digital marketing strategies.

And, If you still got any problems, contact our Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategist – Mayank Arora

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