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Day in and day out, the world’s population increases like hell. Why still don’t you get the patient count you want? This question may arise in your consciousness. 

Adding to the stress, many women don’t prefer gynaecologists just for financial reasons, and what is the use if they don’t come to you?

Women are better at multitasking as compared to men. Due to this, the number of women gynaecologists has increased compared to men.

In 1980, only 5% of Gynecologists were women, and the rest were men. Now they have increased to 95%.

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If you are reading this article, you may be a woman.

Digital Marketing Strategies reduce the price of investment in advertising compared to offline advertising and give you desired results like increasing patient inquiries.

After using these digital marketing strategies, patients will come to you like a bee to a flower.

7 Killer Digital Marketing Strategies for OB/GYN

Here are the 7 killer digital marketing strategies for Gynecologist to increase your patient enquiries in no time:

1. Website For Obstetrics

Every medium to a small doctor has a website. The website gives the reader information about you, your professional image, and your persona.

If you don’t have a website, you are at a loss because your competitors will have a website, and the reader or potential patients will prefer your competitor over you.

Your website must include your name, photo (to make yourself familiar with the potential patients), timings, address or location, Your degrees, qualifications, and contact number.

2. GMB SEO For Gynecologist

It helps you bring patient’s enquiries & traffic to your website.

And if you don’t have a website, it brings you more patient enquiries in the form of phone calls.

How You Set Up GMB For Yourself?

All you have to do is create a Google My Business Profile page with information like your name, Address, Location, and contact number.

So from next time when someone searches,” Gynecologists near me?”, You must be on that list.

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3. Social Media Marketing For Obstetrics

Social Media marketing is a tacky but successful digital marketing strategy.

After you have an account on these social media platforms, You have to post a topic daily on these social media platforms.

The daily topic can include the successful operations or a simple topic like “What not to eat to keep your menstrual cycle regular?”

After building an audience, you can reduce your posting to weekly or monthly.

Social Media Marketing has many upsides. It builds trust in the back of the reader’s mind and makes them realize, how a good OB\GYN you are, brings more patient enquiries to you and makes you a social image in your field.

4. Blogging For Gynecologists

Blogging is another essential strategy for Gynecologists like you. You can create your daily blogs initially and then reduce the frequency of posting every day to every month.

You can also display the pictures of your successful surgeries and operations carried out till now.

You can also post common topics like “Dangerous food for your womb”, etc.

This strategy builds trust and credibility with your reader or potential patients.

In this way, Blogging improves the awareness of the patients about your skill, treatment, and surgeries.

It also improves your ranking on the Google page.

5. Testimonial Marketing For Obstetrics

Testimonial Marketing can be another source of getting faithful patient enquiries.

You can ask your patients to give reviews on your Google My Business Profile.

The reviews are given in the form of comments and stars.

You can give them some discounts on their next consultation with you as a token of favour.

You can even ask your patients to give you a Video Testimonial if they are okay with it (Don’t force them).

You can also put these text or video testimonials on your website and other social media platforms.

It helps you by building an image of what a successful Gynecologist you are. This boosts your professional image and brings you patient enquiries in ample amounts.

6. Paid Ads For Gynecologists

As successful Gynecologists, You know the importance of advertising. The only change now is that this advertising has shifted from offline to online.

Paid ads involve all the social media platforms you can post (Like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and, Linkedin) and Google Ads. 

The ranking and duration of the Ad depend upon the amount you pay to them.

7. Quora For Obstetrics

Quora is also a social or semi-professional platform where you answer the queries/doubts asked by the public.

If answered at the right place and at the right time, with your expertise, You can easily gather the maximum amount of patient enquiries.

This is where the role of a digital marketing strategist comes in place. A digital marketing strategist promotes your skills, treatment and surgeries, and experience well.


From the above text, it is absolutely clear that you cannot survive in this race of getting patients without digital marketing.

And by the only grace of a digital marketing strategist, you can survive and thrive in this race.

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