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Digital Marketing For Doctors

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Doctors are one of the highest-paid and respected professions in the world and its rate is growing more than average as compared to other professions

Yes! People need doctors but in the same way, you also need patient enquiries in the right place and at the right time.

Digital Marketing Strategies are the answers to all your problems which will bring potential patient enquiries and bring promising success for you. 

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Result 5 – 46% Increase in Patient Royalty

Result 6 – 200% Decrease in Provisional Life Tension

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If you also want to get a hike in your patient enquiries or even more, then kindly follow the given digital marketing tips for doctors below in the article or contact me to transfer your headache of generating more patient enquiries to our team.

15 Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Medical Practice

Some of you must be using practo to accumulate patient inquiries.

Guys, Trust me, You are on the wrong boat.

Just think about your cycle of becoming a doctor.

How do you spend an average of 11 years in studying for your profession and practicing?

And, What just practo does is to bring you patients and take away a big portion of your fees.? 

Don’t take it wrong, But it is the harsh truth.

Want to see your reach spread like wildfire? 

Digital Marketing is the solution to this problem. It is not only economical but also gives up to a 2000% increase in patient inquiries.

1. Website For Doctor

Doctors are switching from offline marketing to online marketing and having a website works as a visiting card for this online marketing.

It’s like you are interacting with your audience constantly 24 hours a day and 365 days a.

To make your website interactive and easy to navigate you must have the following details on your website:

  • Your Name
  • Your Hospital’s or Clinic’s Name
  • Your Professional Image
  • Your Degrees
  • Your Qualifications
  • Your Hospital’s or Clinic’s Address
  • Your Contact Number
  • Your Email
  • Book a Consultation Page

If you have a website you are one step ahead of the competitors who don’t have a website. 

This is because when a patient wants to meet you, before coming to you. 

Then, he/she will search about you on the web and if you have a website you can easily connect with them there Hurray!!! You got a new patient enquiry.

Your website must be mobile-friendly because 81% of people connect with doctors from their mobile.

2. Optimize Your Website For Search Engine Results (SEO) For Doctor

Optimizing your website for prospective patients is another strategy that helps in improving the rank of your website when someone searches on Google.
This not only improves your rank but in turn improves the number of prospective patients coming toward you.

Today Google can read your whole site and rank it according to the various technical parameters.

Better keywords give Better performance in accumulating prospective patients.

Leads from SEO are eight times more likely to become paying patients than those generated through traditional ad campaigns

Connect With Specialist Not Generalist

To know more about SEO for doctors contact our most specialized Healthcare/Medical SEO Specialist (Mayank Arora) or continue reading to learn more about strategies of digital marketing for dentist.

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3. Social Media Marketing For Doctors

In a survey in January 2022, there were 3.96 billion total social media users across all platforms.

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, etc can be used to market your talent, treatments, and experience which you can provide to your patients.

All you have to do is to gather a team of your subordinates and ask them to make a post on a common problem that only you can treat.

For Example: What to eat to keep a doctor away?

You have to be regular in posting such posts to build your strong presence.

Once you have built the audience you can ask them to send you queries if they are suffering from the same or any other problem which they think you can solve.

And, By doing this regular patient enquries comes to your inbox.

4. Use Local SEO for Doctors-Be on the List!!

In today’s modern world, When someone wants to go out. He/She first will do research on the Internet.
Suppose he/she wants to go to a movie, He/She will search, “Movie theaters near me?” and a list of theaters is displayed on their screen.

Similarly, When someone searches, “Doctors near me”, Your name should be on the top of that list.

To be on that list you simply have to create a Google My Business (GMB) page and enter only three details listed below:

  • Your Name
  • Your Hospital’s/Clinic’s address
  • Your Contact Details
  • Your Website

This will not only bring you patient enquiries but also increase your patient count if you properly optimized your GMB Profile.

GMB is the major part of Local SEO. Nearly half (46%) of Google searches are Local.

5. Use Google Paid Ads For Doctors

You can use the strategy of paid ads to dramatically increase patient enquiries for your clinic.

Do you know that 73% of the paid search market share belongs to Google?

Do you know that Google works on two types of paid ads

Ad Type 1: Text Ads
Ad Type 2: Text Plus Image

It is totally up to you to experiment with which type of ads suits you and which doesn’t.

You can also take the help of A/B testing for this.

Both types of ads work on PPC (Pay Per Click) Model which means for every click on the ad you have to pay Google will charge you.

Remember if the ad is attractive & well optimized, then it will surely bring a tremendous amount of patient enquiries.

To make the ad attractive you need to use catchy slogans/headlines & descriptions (Ads Copy) which a healthcare digital marketing agency like us can help with it.

6. YouTube Marketing For Doctors

These days YouTube is the main source of income for many YouTubers.

Some do it as part-time to earn a side income

You can also try your fortune on Youtube.

To be a YouTuber you have to post videos daily. These videos can be on any topic which reflects your expertise.

Such as, “What to eat every day to keep a doctor away?”

You know YouTube is the most searched term on Google, By using youtube you are killing two birds with one shot First you will get more patient inquiries. And Second, you will build an audience who trusts you.

7. Displaying Reviews by Encouraging Your Patients

Reviews and testimonials are a solid way to build trust in the eyes of your patients and also help you to increase your consultation fees.

Do you know that 92% of customers read online reviews before taking a decision?

You can encourage your past patients to give you a review about the experience you portrayed in front of them and in return give them a minimal amount of discount in their next consultation.

You can also make video reviews which can make the process of gaining trust from prospective patients & creates a more transparent image.

Applying these strategies will build a token of trust in the subconscious mind of your past patient as well as upcoming patients too.

8. Social Media Marketing For Doctors

Social ads can be used to generate patient enquiries. Social Media advertising is second biggest marketing method in world of digital ads.

Your social ads must look attractive and professional. To attract more patients for your clinic.

9. Blogs For Spreading Awareness For Doctors

Blogging is a successful strategy in gathering patients with similar interests.

First blogging was used only by celebrities to connect to their fans but now highly paid professionals like you also runs a blog and build their audience.

You can make your own blogs on common problems like, “Don’t play with your health – eat healthy” and various other topics which can accumulate you, potential patients.

Do you know 77% of people regularly read blogs online? So you can easily build your audience.

After an audience for your blogs has been created, you can ask them to directly consult you (By giving your phone number) if they have any doubt or any other problem, Disease related to that blog.

Hurray!! You got continuous new patient enquiries.

10. Use Quora For Doctors

Quora can be used to answer queries that are in accordance with your profession that in turn reflects your expertise.

Quora has 300 million active users.

our genuine answer can gain views from these users, You can build an audience that trusts in you and gains you more goodwill.

11. Use Linkedin For Doctors

In Linkedin also you can post on various topics like, “How to manage corporate life with a healthy routine?”
And gain as many likes,love,claps as you want
This create an image of respect in front of various viewers who are viewing your profile and posts

79% of marketers see Linkedin as a very good source of leads.

You can easily gain more patient enquiries and getting a permanent patient is not a long shot.

12. R2R Patient Generation Strategy For Doctors

R2R stands for Rank 2 Rent is a foolproof and tested strategy to increase your patient enquiries within a day.

There are many websites where many good doctors (like you) are listed on top of all other doctors.

Suppose there is a website that shows ‘top 10 doctors in Delhi’ and this website has ranked #1 on the Google search page.

You can easily ask them to place your name and phone number in that top 10 list of doctors.

In return, they will ask you for some money which you can pay very easily.

By using this strategy you will have two profits.

Firstly, You are going to get more patient enquiries than before.
Secondly, It creates trust for you when the patients see you on the top of that list.

13. Patient Generation Tool

Have you ever heard about how a website is built? Then you must also know that every website consists of coding.

Patient generation tools can be used to place our piece of code in between your personal/clinic website.

Using these patient enquiries gets to you easily and in a well-maintained manner and you can also track them. NO CODING SKILLS ARE REQUIRED.

These codes also store and maintain the data which can be accessed and used for further analysis.

Contact Us For Patient Generation Tool.

14. Email Campaign For Doctors! Create Newsletters!

You can easily generate patient inquiries with Email campaigns.

And do you know Email Marketing has the highest ROI

You can ask your team of subordinates to gather all the emails of your patients who have taken consultation from you.

And send them regular emails about some common topics like, “Healthy gut solutions”.

You can email these types of topics regularly. Once they are satisfied with your skills, treatments, surgeries, and, experience, there is a great chance of an increase in the patient inquiries


15. Personal Branding For Doctors

Personal Branding is a great strategy for Doctors like You.
Here you play as a brand and promote yourself with a certain kind of positioning statement.
This process takes time but once you have created a public perception about you getting a bonus of more patient inquiries is not far.


Have you ever seen a duck swimming in a pond? Above the pond, it looks like they are swimming silently but downwards they are paddling really really fast.
The same is the case with these 15 digital marketing strategies
Once you are thorough with these 15 digital marketing strategies.
It is a 100% guarantee that you will see an increase in your patient inquiries and thus satisfying your revenue goals.

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