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Best Digital Marketing for Ayurveda Doctors

Digital Marketing For Ayurveda Doctors

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Ayurvedic doctors like you are also called vaidyas and are 5000 years old.

And this profession is still in demand but you have so much difficulty gathering patients in this age of technology.

In the 90’s, It was super easy to gather patients through offline advertisements. There were many famous ads that some people still remember being nostalgic.

But now the age has changed and the audience who was first present on T.V. and radio, And was dependent upon newspaper hoardings and banners has now shifted online on computers or laptops.

This is because the Internet has become cheap and easily accessible to people even in slums.

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Due to this digital marketing is the only way to bring patient enquiries in this age of technology in an easy way.

7 Digital Marketing Strategy For Ayurvedic Doctors

If you are dependent on practo for gathering patient enquiries you are daring. Because it’s of no use.

You tell me, That you spend 5 years studying BAMS and gain experience the next year, which means 6 years of hard work 

And this site takes away half of your fees which you earned just to connect with your patients.

Digital Marketing offers you cheap and better options than using practo or offline marketing to bring you more patient enquiries.

Here are the 7 best digital marketing strategies for  Ayurvedic doctors.

1. Website For Ayurvedic Doctors

Website is necessary to provide you credibility in front of your potential patients and your current patients too.


Websites are a more common step for professional Doctors like you.

It helps you to bring more patients as compared to competitors who don’t have a website.

Not having a website will cost you more as compared to having a website.

What To Focus on While Creating A Website?

You can hire a coding team to make a website for you, make sure you have all these details in you website

  • Your Name
  • Your Address Details or Location
  • Your Contact number
  • Your Degrees
  • Your Qualifications
  • Your New/Updated Achievements
  • Your Awards
  • Your Professional Image
  • Your Testimonials
  • Book A Consultation Webpage

Website will only bring you more patient enquiries because it is just like interacting with your patients 24/7.

2. SEO For Ayurvedic Doctors

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

It means filling your website with quality content which in turn improves the rank of your website.


Have you ever searched on Google, for” Restaurants near me” and a list of restaurants that are open will come to you?

Similarly when someone searches,” Ayurvedic Doctors near me” a list of ayurvedic doctors with their locations, website link, and reviews will be shown to them.

You also can be on that list.

To be on that list all you have to do is to create a profile on Google My Business Page. You will be asked about your name, location, and contact details.

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3. Paid Ads For Ayurvedic Doctors

There are many Ayurvedic Doctors who take the help of various newspaper paid ads.

As already told these newspaper ads are of no use because more than half of the audience is sitting online, And with the advent of technology you can post your paid ads online.

You can pay and post your Ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.

It works on PPC (Pays Per Click), that is for every click on your paid ads you have to pay a certain amount.

4. Social Media Marketing For BDMS Doctors

Social Media Marketing is another way of posting Ads.

It is also known as an organic marketing strategy as it brings patients to you.

Social media marketing can be easily done by you by creating a post daily.

The post can be on any common topic, ”Why Ayurveda is a better alternative to Allopathic?”

Social Media Marketing can be used to achieve an audience of loyal patients with hard work, consistency and positivity.

5. Blogging For Ayurvedic Doctors

Blogging is another marketing strategy that is accessible by anyone.

Here also you can post the same content as you have posted on social media platforms.

Building a trusted audience is now easy through blogging. By showing expertise you can build trust in yourself at the back of your mind.

6. Quora For BDMS Doctors

Quora is a Q/A website, Where anyone can ask any questions and get answers easily without paying.

Yes it can sometimes take time to answer the queries.

Still, it can help thousands of people who are going through the same problem.

Similarly you can help thousands of people by just answering single or more than one queries of your expertise.

Once you gain an audience you can ask them to contact you if they want to ask more queries personally.

7. Testimonial Marketing For Ayurvedic Doctors

Reviews & testimonials are powerful strategies that act as proof of the excellent surgeries, treatment, and skills that you provide.

You can give them a certain amount of discount on their next consultation with you.

You can ask your past patients to give you reviews on the Google My Business page. And rate your stars according to their experience with you as a patient.

Remember to give an answer to the negative comments in a polite way.

If your patients can give you a review on a video. It is just like a cherry on the cake.

You can post these text or video testimonials on your website and social media platforms too.

These testimonials build trust in the subconscious mind of the patients and bring you loyal patient enquiries.


Once you make a website and bring traffic towards it and follow all the strategies you will surely gather numerous high-paying patient enquiries.

You provide us with this healing and you deserve a salute of respect from us.

So I enjoy helping angels like you on this planet. If you feel that you want me to become a bridge b/w you & your prospect patient. 

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