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Digital Marketing For Cancer Care

Cancer Care and Oncology Digital Marketing Strategies

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1 out of 6 deaths is due to cancer. The cancer journey is not very easy. You and the patient have to be mentally strong due to the various radioactive treatments needed to treat this disease.

It would be dishonor if your patient is not aware of your clinic or hospital at the right place and at the right time.

Gone are those days, When offline marketing was the only way to spread awareness about your hospital or clinic.

With the advent of technology, Offline marketing has lost its charm.

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Now only 3% of the total audience is sitting outside, the rest all are sitting online with the help of phones, laptops, and other electronic devices.

With the help of digital marketing, you can easily reach these people who are sitting online.

9 Digital Marketing Strategies For Cancer Care Clinics

Hope you don’t use practo. 

Practo is not as profitable as these digital marketing strategies are.

Because hard work done by you by spending 7+ years of studying and practicing

And, Practo is taking away half of your salary why? Just to gather patients only.

Instead, use these strategies to gather patients

1. Website For Cancer Care – Your Online Visiting Card

A website for a cancer clinic is just like a visiting card but it is online. It contains all the information about you, Your clinic, and your new specialties and treatments.

It must specifically contain your number and location. So that whenever a viewer is converted to an inquiry, they will be able to reach you.

You can also include testimonials and reviews which also convert many viewers into inquiries.

So every cancer clinic or hospital must have a website so that patients can reach them not only online but offline too.

2. Local S.E.O. – Always Be On The Top!!!

Whenever someone searches, “Coffee shops or malls near me” on Google, A list of all the coffee shops or malls appears on the screen with the link to the website and directions.

So similarly, when someone searches for, “Cancer Clinics near me” on Google your clinic should be on top of that list with your website linked to that listing.

To be on that list you have to first create a GMB profile i.e Google My Business Profile and have to enter the following details

  • Your Clinics Name
  • Your Contact Details
  • Your Location

You can also link your website to this GMB profile.

Making a GMB profile is important because if someone searches about Cancer clinics on Google and you are not on that list, You may lose a potential patient to your competitor who has a GMB profile.

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3. YouTube Marketing For Cancer Hospitals

YouTube marketing is also a very useful strategy to build trust in a massive audience.

If you have no audience on YouTube, You can ask your patients to subscribe to your channel.

You have to start posting videos with a common problem like, “What to eat to prevent cancer” and you can ask your audience to ask their doubts in the comment box or directly consult you if they are suffering from a similar problem. 

Voila!! An increase in Patient footfall on your website.

4. Paid Ads For Cancer Care

If you want to dramatically increase your patient inquiries within a couple of days

Then, I would recommend you go with paid ads.

You have ads on T.V. similarly, you have paid ads on online platforms like Google and YouTube ads.

These ads are of two types:-

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads

Paid Ads work on the principle of PPC (Pay Per Click). That is on each click from a viewer you have to pay for the ad.

Remember, You have to make your ad look attractive, And reachable to your potential patients so that you can increase your patient inquiries.

5. Social Media Marketing For Cancer Clinics

Social Media Marketing for Cancer clinics has two types of advertisements

  • Paid
  • Organic

Paid is the same as Google ads as discussed above and have to pay only when the patients come to your site.

The second type of advertisement on social media platforms is posted on Facebook, Instagram, and other social channels.

The main aim of this strategy is to reach as many viewers and convert them into potential or permanent patients.

6. Reviews/Testimonials For Cancer Doctors

Reviews and testimonials are game changers if you are considering the field of digital marketing.

Testimonials and reviews in the form of text or video,  posted on your website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc

You can also ask your previous patients to give reviews about your G.M.B. profile and give rating stars you.

These reviews and testimonials are very useful in creating a good image in the back mind of your potential or upcoming patients. 

7. Email Campaign For Cancer doctors

Email campaigning gives about 75% of the ROI.

It is the oldest and the most effective strategy which you can use.

You have to create a group of your previous and potential patients and send them emails on the usual topics on a regular basis.

You can also automate this task with the help of tools.

This will improve the clarity of your patient’s minds on the diseases which are indirectly related to your treatments and you can ask them to reply back if they have any doubts or are suffering from similar diseases.

This will help you gain more patient inquiries.

8. Quora For Oncology

Quora is a powerful strategy because it uses the power of your expertise. If you know the answer to another’s a question you should surely answer that. People have built their image by answering thousands of questions about others’ problems.

This not only builds an image in the mind of the potential patients but also increases the patient’s footfall.

9. Influencer Marketing For Cancer Care

Influencer marketing started settling its feet in 1920 and now has become a common practice since 2000.

It involves getting a partnership with a social media.

Influencer or a celebrity to influence their fans and followers to come to your clinic or hospital.


With recent advancements, cancer clinics are not difficult to find. Word-to-mouth does not work anymore in the recent age of technology.

Today the world has become a smaller place with the help of the Internet and various modes of communication. Anyone can consult you at any point in time.

Similarly, you can also consult us for free if you are interested to get a well-tested recipe of digital marketing for your cancer clinics, Book a FREE 1-to-1 consultation with me.

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